Since you asked…I made an FAQ page.

Yesterday’s soft launch of the fund raising though Kickstarter has met with tremendous response. As of this writing, we have already received $430 in pledges! I am ever so grateful.

It is still a long ways to $5000 (and beyond), so I appreciate your help in getting the word out to folks who might be interested in pledging. Thanks!

To answer some of the questions that have been asked about the project, I have developed a Frequently Asked Questions page. I hope this helps with any questions you might have. Please let me know if you have further questions. I can always add to the page.

Life is an Adventure!


Fund Raising Campaign is Launched via Kickstarter!

Safe Animals Safe Kids

I decided to wait to launch the fund raising for Okey’s Promise until I had a few things more confirmed. Although there are still issues to be addressed, I have enough support for the project now to ensure it’s success. So here goes!

You can make pledges to the Kickstarter Campaign here. Making a pledge is a commitment to providing funds for the project if I reach the total goal. If I do not reach my goal of $5000.00 in pledges, then nothing will happen. If I do reach my goal (I plan to exceed it!) then Amazon will automatically deduct your pledge from the payor source that you designate.

Any amount helps! As you can see on the Kickstarter page, I am offering goodies for anyone who pledges $1 or more. Of course I want some big pledges, but I value and appreciate anyone who pledges at any level. Okey and I thank you for any amount that you pledge!!!

Thanks to the efforts of the indefatigable Caroline Golon, Public Relations Guru Extraordinaire of BlogPaws and Romeo the Cat fame, I will have an extensive PR and national media campaign to publicize the project. BUT I ALSO NEED YOU!

I have found that it is the hand to hand, paw to paw, word of mouth, Facebook and Tweet networking that makes the most difference with launching projects like this. Even if you have no resources to pledge, you can help by getting the word out to others who may be interested.

Please let me know if you have any questions (I will have a FAQ on the site soon) and HELP SPREAD THE WORD!

Okey and I thank you for your support.

What is Kickstarter, and how can it help raise $ for Okey’s Promise?

Okey’s Promise video

What the heck is Kickstarter?

It is a start-up company designed to match creative people such as myself with individuals interested in kicking in a few dollarsĀ  towards worthy creative projects.

I first heard about Kickstarter from a story about it on NPR. I then started seeing other articles about it like this one in the New York Times. Then people started sending me tweets and Facebook messages that I should give it a try.

I am not exactly what would be called an early adopter for new tech and business start-ups, although I do tend to get on the boat for worthy trends before the average person. Kickstarter is pretty new, however, it has received great reviews from very credible sources.

Kickstarter seems designed just for folks like me – creative people with big ideas that can make a big difference to the world.

When the idea for Okey’s Promise came to me, and I had no ready backers for the project. I had recently had a surprisingly successful fund raising campaign for the veterinary care for Okey, the cat who inspired the project. This helped me realize that I had people in my network interested in supporting good things.

Since Kickstarter is a program to raise funds for worthy projects from people interested in doing good things, I decided that using this new resource was just the ticket.

Basically how it works is you develop a campaign with a set goal for fund raising. Mine will be $5,000. You have different levels of patronage that people can get a special item in exchange (ex. prints of the mural image). People make a pledge through Amazon that is not collected unless the entire amount is funded.

So, if I get $5001 in pledges, the project is funded, and Amazon collects the money from the pledgers. If I get $4999 in pledges, nothing is collected.

You can collect amounts over your goal, but not under. So if I get $6,000 pledged, I can collect it. If I get $4,999, I cannot. For this reason, I have set my goal at a bare minimum.

Ideally, my project would raise $7,000, as that is what I would typically charge for a project of this sort. I have lowered the goal, to make it easier to get funded, but also in anticipation that people will pledge over the $5,000.

How can this help Okey’s Promise, and why is it worthwhile to donate to the project?

Simply put, Kickstarter can make Okey’s Promise HAPPEN.

Without it, I would have to spend a lot of frustrating hours appealing to nonprofit organizations to write a grant for me, taking away from the creative process. I would have to spend my energies doing things that take away from the creative aspects of the project, instead of getting in there and painting the mural that is the project.

I believe that this project is worthy not just for it’s creative elements, but because of it opportunity to educate the community about critical issues.

Domestic violence and child abuse are serious issues in my own community in Canton, OH, as they are in any community. Animal abuse, as well, is a serious issue.

Most people, however, do not recognize the connection between the two, so there is no collective force to address them together. And that leads to less effective programming on both fronts.

My hope is that Okey’s Promise will not only start a conversation in my own community about the issues, but also become a national and international beacon for the cause.

Will you help? I will soon be launching my fund raising project on Kickstarter. Please feel free to peruse the site so that you can gain an understanding of how it has helped other creative projects.

And be watching for updates on when the Okey’s Promise Kickstarter campaign will begin.

Okey and I thank you for any moral or financial support that you can offer us. Every little bit helps.

Thank you for your interest in fulfilling Okey’s promise.