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I encourage and enjoy discussions on the Okey’s Promise Blog. Civil dialog and dissent is welcomed in the comments; disrespectful and discourteous exchanges are not.

The issues presented for discussion on this blog can trigger strong emotions. On occasion, comments can be misconstrued or have words that are strong and potentially hurtful. In order to mitigate hurt feelings and maintain the integrity of this blog, all comments are moderated before being approved for posting. Comments are approved or disapproved according to my discretion.

I do try to moderate comments as quickly as possible. If your comment does not appear within a day of posting, I most likely have chosen to not approve it. If you would like to know why, you are welcome to contact me. Please review the Guidelines for Posting below to ensure that your comments are consistent with my policy.

Guidelines for Posting

Comments that include the following are not acceptable and will not be approved for posting:

  1. Strong language that could be construed as harsh, harassing, abusive, slanderous, hateful, embarrassing, violent, demeaning, or insulting.
  2. Suggestions of support of any form of violence towards animals or human beings.
  3. Profanity.
  4. Overt advertising or linking for the purpose of self promotion that does not contribute to the discussion.
  5. Overt spam.

Comments that reveal personal information that could put an individual at risk may be edited to insure privacy for all involved.

I appreciate your adherence to this policy, and I look forward to discussing issues with you!


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