Okey’s Promise Keepers

Okey’s Promise Keepers are the people who make it possible to create the art projects that spread the Okey’s Promise mission. It takes considerable time, effort, materials, etc. to create and manage the projects. It is not easy to raise funds for creative projects like this one, particularly when there is not a specific grant structure or 501(c) agency to support it.

Thanks to the Kickstarter program, that provides a mechanism for so-called “crowd funding”, money is pledged and collected from interested individuals.

The first Okey’s Promise project, the “Safe Animals Safe Kids” mural, was funded by 85 backers. Angel and Paw Pal level contributors are listed below.

You can be a Promise Keeper too! A new project is in development and will be posted on Kickstarter soon!

Okey’s Promise Keepers

Okey’s Angels: ($500 or more sponsorship)

Dick Van Patten’s Natural Balance Pet Foods – Okey’s Angel

Karey Boals Schner – Okey’s Angel

Michael Boatright   – Okey’s Angel

Ruthi & Dolly – Okey’s Angel

Okey’s Paw Pal’s ($100 or more sponsorship):


Embrace Pet Insurance

Jill Pugh

Yvonne DiVita & Tom Collins

Molly Mednikow

Gail Wetherell-Sack

Joanne Salay

Melissa Pearce

Laura Zickus

Charles Ostrout

 Okey sends nose-taps and purrs to all her Promise Keepers!


Public art to make our world a better place for all creatures great and small.