Some Frequently Asked Questions About Okey’s Promise:

  1. Is “Okey’s Promise” about one public artwork, or is it a larger effort? Each fundraising effort is designated to raise money for one project, however, Okey’s Promise is designed to be an ongoing initiative. It is my hope that current projects will lead to more public art commissions across the country, maybe even in different countries! My goal is to create six different “Okey’s Promise” public art projects in six different cities.
  2. How exactly will the projects raise awareness? Each project will have positive images reflecting an outcome of a safe world for animals and people. Signage and literature will accompany each project to more fully highlight the connections between animal abuse, child abuse and domestic violence. The idea is that the art will create interest and then begin a community discussion that extends from the artwork but, hopefully, takes on a life of its own.
  3. How will “Okey’s Promise” help those in domestic/animal abuse situations? The awareness raised through Okey’s Promise will hopefully lead to more focused and collaborative efforts within the community to address the issues related to animal abuse and domestic violence. The increased awareness within the community will lead to better identification of people and animals at risk, and hopefully, more support for targeted assistance to those in need.
  4. Where does the money raised go? The money raised will go towards supplies for the project, studio rent, utilities and other expenses, and a small salary to compensate me as the artist for my work. This will be my “job” during the time I work on the project, and I will need to be compensated so that my needs and my pets’ needs are not neglected.
  5. Will any animal rescue or social service organizations be receiving any of the funds contributed? No. Okey’s Promise raises funds for the creation of artwork that raises awareness to community concerns affecting people and animals. It does not raise money that directly benefits rescue organizations or animals. The initiative respects the belief that our world benefits from creativity flourishing in our communities. Often, creative projects that enhance communities and raise awareness to important issues do not typically have opportunities to get funded. This is an opportunity to support creativity that ultimately benefits the greater good.
  6. Are you a nonprofit or are you supported by a nonprofit organization? I am not a nonprofit, nor am I directly affiliated with a nonprofit organization. I am simply an emerging artist who wants to make a living by doing good things for my world. Truth be told, the staff of most nonprofits make considerably more money than I do for the work that they do. Donations to nonprofits pay salaries and overhead; the same is true with a pledge to Okey’s Promise. I do, however, work closely with local social service organizations and local animal welfare groups to help them capitalize upon the increased public awareness in ways that improve and benefit their programming.
  7. How can I get updates about the progress of Okey’s Promise Projects? There are many ways to get updates. You can follow the RSS feed for the blog; follow the fan page on Facebook; and follow my Twitter updates.
  8. Can I write about Okey’s Promise on my blog or in a publication? Please do! I would be happy to get the word out in any way possible. Please make sure that you credit any artwork and/or photos with “artwork/photo by artist BZTAT” and link back to www.okeyspromise.com. I would also appreciate references to my main website BZTAT Studios. Thank you! Please contact me if you need further information.

Thank you for your interest and support!


2 thoughts on “FAQ”

  1. wonderful!!! So glad to be a supporter this great idea!! As an animal lover and an adult who grew up in a home with domestic violence this kind of connection between animal abuse/neglect and human abuse/neglect is so vital but oh so difficult and painful! These abusive situations all come from the same mentality and need to be brought up in a hopeful, proactive way so our communities don’t forget how important this is to our future as a healthy society. I appreciate your efforts and can’t wait to see this project grow!

  2. Thx Sue! It is indeed a very important issue. The artwork is to start the conversation. Where it goes from there is up to the community. With support from great folks like you, I believe it can go far.

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