What would you do if…

dog-motorcycle…you were in a parking lot on a 95 degree Fahrenheit day with 96% humidity, and found a sweet pup like this leashed to a motorcycle with a black leather seat?

Unattended, no water and no shade?

Was I a crazy bleeding heart animal rights advocate for calling the police and making a report for animal abuse?

I was called some pretty nasty words by the dog owner who sped away before the police arrived. And the employees at the Walmart where I found this pup thought I was nuts for thinking anything was wrong with this situation.

If I was wrong, I don’t want to be right.

The police would take custody of a child left in such a circumstance. Why do they think it is OK to do it do a dog? A dog can perish quickly under such conditions.

I hope the pup will be OK, and I hope that hearing from the police will teach the pet owner a lesson. I also hope that he has no children.

I am all about hope.


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