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First “Okey’s Promise: Celebrating the Human – Animal Bond” painting is complete!

Asian boy painting
Painting by BZTAT

The first painting for the Okey’s Promise: Celebrating the Human Animal Bond project is complete! This is the first painting in the series, based on a photo of a young man named Isaac who lives in Rochester, NY (We will get a better photo of the painting soon).

The background contains images created by students at 2 local schools who are participating in the project through the Domestic Violence Project, Inc. (DVPI). I met with the students along with a therapist from DVPI, and we talked with them about the importance of treating animals in a humane manner. We also talked about how animal abuse and domestic violence are linked, and encouraged them to share their own experiences.

Asian boy painting close-up

I was encouraged to hear many of these students sharing how their animals were spayed and neutered and otherwise well tended. Some shared of loss of a pet. One shared that he had difficulty understanding boundaries with a pet, leaving him with frequent scratches on his arms. He seemed to gain new understanding from our discussion. His teacher was hopeful.

Okey's Promise Gallery installationThe project will include a series of 10-12 professional artworks (approx. 48” H x 32” W each) that relate to the links between animal abuse, domestic violence and child abuse. These artworks will become a traveling exhibit that will be used locally by the DomesticViolence Project, Inc. (DVPI) and other interested agencies at events and other designated activities to raise awareness about the issues of domestic violence and pet abuse.

My hope is that the project will travel nationwide. If you are interested in having it visit your city, contact me.

Each face depicted in the exhibit will represent the outcome that we seek – safe, happy children and animals – with the backgrounds depicting the artwork of youth on the issues of animal abuse and domestic violence.

Follow posts here to see the project develop!



Okey’s Promise Keepers: Blog the Change

Blog the ChangeToday is Blog the Change Day promoted by Be the Change for Animals. Blog the Change Day is a special day for pet bloggers to blog about a cause near and dear to their hearts, inspire the involvement of their readership, and share that vision with the BtC community. This event positively impacts animals and advocates one-on-one.

Blog the Change day is obviously a natural fit for Okey’s Promise, as this whole site is dedicated to a cause and vision that is near and dear to my heart. In fact, I have been asked by other bloggers if they could write about Okey’s Promise for their Blog the Change story today.

Be the Change for Animals also posted the Okey’s Promise video on their Facebook page today. I am VERY grateful.

We have raised $1855.00 in pledges through the Kickstarter fund raising page so far. Although it is still a long ways from the $5000.00 needed, I have a strong belief that we will get there. This project HAS TO HAPPEN. It just has to. Why?

Because it has captured the hearts of too many people not to.

That $1855.00 was pledged by everyday people who care and want to see it happen. Their numbers are growing, as each one pledges in whatever amount they can afford to share. They, and all those who have helped to get the message out, are every much a part of this project as I am.

Okey’s Promise Keepers care about animals. They care about children. They care about making our communities safer for both animals and children. And they recognize the power of art to do just that.

As my good friend Yvonne DiVita said it on her blog Lipsticking today,

Art for a cause exists because people feel art in their heart and soul. It speaks in a language that has no words, needs no words, is only the touch and sense of what you feel. When you are exposed to a painting or performance that vibrates through your whole being, introducing you to colors and sounds and thoughts that you did not know you were capable of thinking, you become one with the art. There is no other way to describe it. The colors are unique to the art. The understanding is unique to the person. The purpose is all encompassing. In this instance, it’s – save the children and the pets, and we save ourselves.

Together, we can make a difference. Together, we can use art to make a promise: to do better for our communities’ children AND their creatures.

Will you join me and the rest of Okey’s Promise Keepers in keeping that promise?

Okey and I thank all those who have joined the cause.


Wanna pledge your support to Okey’s Promise? Every little bit helps! Make your pledge here, and/or grab the widget to put on your website. Thanks for your support!

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