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Okey’s Promise Featured at BlogPaws Pet Bloggers Conference

Found Animals Foundation

Thanks to my wonderful sponsors Found Animals Foundation, I will be presenting at the BlogPaws pet bloggers conference about Okey’s Promise on Aug. 26. This will be a different sort of presentation, however.

I am teaming up with young dancer and blogger Miah Thornton to present an artistic and inspirational dramatization of the project. Art moves us to action more than mere words, so we have chosen to share with images and movement as the focus of the presentation.

I am very grateful for Found Animals Foundation‘s sponsorship at BlogPaws. They are an organization that does so much for animal welfare, and their mission is completely compatible with the Okey’s Promise project.

Found Animals is a non-profit organization dedicated to finding unique and entrepreneurial solutions to pet overpopulation and to reducing unnecessary euthanization of stray pets. One major focus of the organization is promoting pet identification as a preventative measure, so that lost pets can be returned home rather than euthanized. They promote pet microchipping as a means to ensure that pets will be returned to their homes should they get lost. Pet adoption is also a primary focus of the organization.

Found Animals also provides valuable resources for responsible pet care to educate the public about pet needs. Responsible pet care is the key to eliminating abuse and abandonment with pets.

I hope that I will see you at BlogPaws in Tysons Corner, VA , Aug. 25-27! You can find registration information here if you have not yet signed up!