Dog Wars: Just a Game? Really? That’s how you PLAY?

If engaging in brutal simulation of an illegal activity against animals is your notion of playing, then you are not likely to be reading this. You also are not likely to be reading this if you think there is any value in pretending to be engaged in dog fighting. My usual readers do not fit these descriptions.

Since you are reading this, you are probably as appalled as I am that Android, owned by Google, is allowing a virtual dog fighting game app to be available for download in their system.

Owners and users of the game Dog Wars defend the app, saying “It’s just a video game.” I beg to differ. Finding pleasure in such a virtual game would have to suggest that the user has an acceptance of the activity in real life. And that would suggest some serious concerns about that individual.

Child abuse and animal abuse are clearly linked by substantial research. Do I need to spell out the conclusion? I didn’t think so.

Defenders of the game also claim that there is no difference between it and the popular game app Angry Birds.  Such a rationalization is ridiculous. Angry Birds is a farcical fantasy that in no way has you engaging in any realistic illegal activity. Dog Wars, on the other hand, has its players engaging in very real illegal dog fighting activities. Sure, the images are cartoonish, but the activity is very real. Not so with Angry Birds.

There are links here if you are interested in voicing your displeasure to Google about this.

And just to give fair warning, if any Dog Wars users have found their way here, no comments defending it will be allowed past my moderation. This is my blog, and I do not have to be democratic about it.



2 thoughts on “Dog Wars: Just a Game? Really? That’s how you PLAY?”

  1. Thanks for posting about Dog Wars. I am equally appalled that this app is available on Android Market. I have signed the petition and contacted Android/Google asking them to remove the game.

    I personally feel that all games depicting violence toward animals and/or humans should be removed, but this one is particularly loathsome. It glorifies an activity that is illegal in all 50 states and perpetuates media misrepresentation of the American Pit Bull Terrier.

  2. I agree – I see problems with many of the games out there that depict violence. This one really hits a nerve, though. I understand that it has been taken down as of this posting, for copyright infringement concerns. Whatever the reason, I am glad it is down.

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